Medical Disclaimer

We believe in the nourishing advantages of our all-natural components in our handcrafted skin care products at HAPPY AURA. Natural products, we believe, are healthier and gentler on the skin.

For centuries, skincare has relied on pure essential oils, botanicals, and other natural components. At HAPPY AURA, we've done a lot of study on the potential health advantages of these natural components. We must, however, issue this disclaimer.

While many of the natural ingredients in our handmade products are said to have therapeutic and healing properties, they should not be used to treat any type of health problem. We do not recommend using these products as a substitute for medical care. HAPPY AURA is not liable for any individual reactions to specific ingredients. We maintain an open policy, with a complete list of ingredients included in each product description on our website. People who are allergic to any of the specified ingredients should avoid using the product. To ensure the product's suitability, we always recommend performing a patch test.

This website's content is provided primarily for informational purposes. Our goods are intended for personal use, and the information provided has been compiled from a variety of sources to educate you on the potential advantages of herbs, essential oils, and other natural substances. Please do not self-diagnose any medical illnesses or treat any health problems or diseases using the material on this website.

The information provided is not meant to be used as a prescription or as medical advice. If you have any issues that require medical treatment, please visit your doctor.

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